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WELCOME Beautiful

I love that you’re here! Think of me as the quick-witted, open-hearted, loud-mouthed, loving but somewhat wayward bestie that you totally need. I can’t wait to squeeze you and lead you astray.

I’m Tanya Mah (Tmah to my friends, Tan Tan to my family). I write about love, wellness, spirituality and happiness. In between I blog about yoga and the stupid things my people do (salt water cleanses anyone, ew).

I’m obsessed with high-vibe living and becoming healthier, happier and less hedonistic. 

I’ve spent the last decade chasing spirit; following, learning and absorbing every piece of golden wisdom from my Teachers and then integrating it into my life.

I’ve meditated on new worlds, different galaxies and light beings that are beyond this time and space.

I’ve met people who are fully empathetic, psychic and telepathic; indigo children, shaman, native warriors and teachers of the kabbalah. They blew my fu*king mind.

I’ve spent hours on my yoga mat, praying that one day I would be able to get my head up my own asana. Thankfully this has not occurred.

I spent years observing the buying behaviours of the socially diverse clientele in my Dads sex shop (he prefers the term “adult bookshop”). It’s the reason why I have no real judgment on anyone and nothing surprises me. I have however, pondered the cultural, feminist and political implications of porn and its effect on spirit but I’m yet to come to a reasonable conclusion.

I’ve danced on podiums till 5am, driven for hours to rave at some cow patty of a DJ set-up, chewed my face off with amphetamines and blised out to the sound of synthesizers and drum machines.

Nowadays my happy place is in my apartment – afternoons in my jam-jams, drinking tea and camping out behind my laptop.

I love to disco dance, have vinos with my besties, cuddles with the boyfriend and family dinners with my Mum and Pa (my Mumma is worlds most epic cook). I’m the happiest when I’m face-down on my yoga mat, meditating in my lounge room or swimming in the ocean. I love to cook, write and laugh so hard my stomach hurts and I start to cry hysterically.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as I adore writing them.

With Love, Tanya xo