Princess Culture

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Princess – a girl who is stuck-up, snobby, and thinks she’s perfect, but actually she’s annoying and you wanna slap her (urban dictionary)

A princess by definition is a member of a Royal family. Either the bride of a Prince or the daughter of a King and Queen, so unless you’re Mary (post her Slip Inn days) you ain’t no princess sweetheart.

However, princess-hood has become a cultural obsession, indoctrinating woman from an early age. Little girls are encouraged to dress and act like their favourite fairytale character or Disney endorsed princess – tiaras, frills and fake plastic jewels all sold separately.

The common narrative in most fairy tales goes like this – directionless, doe-eyed but oppressed girl meets prince. They fall in love but have to battle evil, meddling forces. Love triumphs and the girl is transformed into a beautiful princess who gets to live happily ever after and boss around everyone else.

So whilst it’s cute to see a 3-year-old girl play princess, it’s obnoxious in teens and just creepy in adult women.

But being a Princess isn’t all that bad. You get to play dress ups, drink champagne and order your underlings around. But the declaration of princess-hood is more than just innocent make-believe, it’s the beginning of undeserved entitlement, a sense of superiority and disturbing fixation on fairytale endings. Princess culture is raring a generation of spoilt, pampered and vapid women determined to get their own way.

Many grown woman are still playing princess. They’re beautiful, entitled and are looking for the ‘perfect’ Prince Charming to slam that glass slipper on their perfectly pedicured foot and rescue them from the drudgery of daily life, work and responsibility.

True womanhood goes far beyond the capabilities of a princess. A truly wild and worthy woman lives from her heart and she follows her instincts. She can sense things, knows things and above all trusts her intuition.

There’s a deeper sense of knowing about her and a richer substance that others can’t touch. Whilst kind and loving she possesses a strong spirit that is unbreakable.

You Princess’ ain’t got none of that.

Being a Princess is such a limited and vacuous expression of ones femininity. It’s the quality of a person’s character and the goodness in their hearts that is the ultimate judge of a person’s value and no Disney girl has ever come near that.