Surrendering into the feminine, when you have shit to do.

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I regularly seek the advice of spiritual teachers, healers and woo woo witch doctors. It’s how I navigate my always busy and sometimes overloaded life.  They help shift my perspective and encourage me to challenge my own behavior and notions of right action.

Within the past month I finished a management diploma, wrote and designed a new Ebook, launched this new site (you likey?) and am cracking on with my life coaching certificate. I’ve been in turbo action mode – just getting shit done and kicking goals.

It’s all stuff I love and am deeply passionate about – but I’m pushing and forcing and then berating myself for all the things that I cannot do or simply don’t have the headspace for.

I have high expectations of myself and get pissed off and cranky when I can’t meet or exceed them.

My woo woo spiritual teacher said I was too in my masculine and needed to surrender more into my feminine aspect. All the rushing around, setting new goals and striving towards them with single minded force was causing an energetic imbalance.

The feminine aspect is far more subtle, it’s less about force but more about the energy of receiving with a greater sense of grace, calm and ease.

I think he just told me to act like a girl.

Whatevs all knowing, intuitive and wise one  – I work like a bitch and am a product of the cultural and economic change that’s shifting the gender balance and creating a new generation of alpha babes.

These babes are surging ahead in their education, careers and income. We have a generation of woman who are taking on a more assertive role in both the home and in the workplace. Many are the sole or predominant bread winner in the family – often out earning their husbands and boyfriends – whilst climbing the corporate ladder and gaining more dominance in the workplace.

Many of the previous gender disparities in education and professional opportunity are starting to close with alpha babes outperforming the lads in university or college education. According to a Time Magazine report approx. 60% of higher education degrees/diplomas are going to the girls. This coupled with the steep decline in manufacturing (a more male dominant arena) and subsequent rise of service and information based roles are seeing a new group of confused lads and overtly alpha females.

Woman are feeling the pressure to adapt to this changing world by becoming more goal and action orientated, traditionally a more masculine aspect. But regardless of our gender we all have a mixture of masculine and feminine qualities and we dance between the two; often depending on the environment, circumstance and people around us.

My Teacher was right –  I do need to soften up, celebrate my wins and not place so much undue pressure on myself. It doesn’t make me meek or pathetic to say no or to admit when I’m over my head. I’m blessed to live in an era where I can explore the things that I love with enthusiasm and gusto.  I love learning, working, studying and coaching and choose to express them wholeheartedly.

But instead of rushing between projects, overcommitting and spreading myself too thin – I’m learning to say a loving no to the things that don’t serve me and taking a moment of pause between projects to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and dedication that was achieved. I feel that this is a more balanced dance between the masculine and feminine, making me a more complete and happy alpha babe.