Feb Fast Detox


After a particularly festive silly season, one too many tequila shots and far too many Sundays spent perpetually hangover, I decided that it was time to trial a month without alcohol. February seemed like the winner, mostly because it’s the shortest month of the year and my liver was screaming out for some immediate respite. Here’s what I learnt.

Not drinking is uncomfortable 

The first week was incredibly novel. Replacing a habitual vino with a walk in the park, a yoga class and an early night was fun. And I felt so much better for it…but then the novelty started to wear thin and I really missed wine.

It’s also really, really boring

Great, another walk in the park and another early night – this is not inspiring.

Drunk people are incredibly annoying.

Being the only sober person on a night out does not make for good times. You will become the worlds wettest blanket. Drunk people also spit in your face and their proverbial dribble just ain’t funny.

Sober is the secret-sauce to productivity

All the walks in the park and early nights starting paying off. I suddenly felt shinier and brighter. I slept better and had way more energy. I found myself getting up early to hit the gym, I was mediating daily and generally eating better. My mind felt sharper and clearer and I was definitely more productive at work.

You eat well, all the time

Did I mention how much better I ate? I’m a green smoothie and chia pudding kinda gal during the week but I eat the slummiest food when I’m hungover. All I want are crisps and fried potatoes covered in trans-fats, carcinogenics and salt – yummy.

Mineral water is my BFF

San Pellegrino, I love you. If you squint funny and add heaps of lime they’re slightly reminiscent of a vodka soda… kinda.

Sunday mornings are so much better

Being all bright and sparky on a Sunday makes me feels pious and slightly smug. Yes, fresh feels good but it’s even better when you can rub it in other peoples faces.

Would I do it again. 

Not a chance.  And just between you and me – I broke it 3 times.

The best part was finding a sweet spot with my pithy attempt at sobriety…drinking less is definitely favourable to none at all. But thankfully my liver and I are friends again.

So tell me lovely, have you ever tried a month (or more) without alcohol – how did it go?