Life Organic


Ever been to yoga on a Sunday afternoon? The room stinks. It smells like vodka, off cheese, semen and come-down all packed together in an overheated sweat box. If you’re not passed out on the floor rocking in fetal position, you’re sweating out the weekend and some poor life choices on an eco-friendly, non-slip yoga mat.

I totally get it. I do the same thing. Be good during the week and get loose on the weekends. I love ticking off my ‘good at life’ check boxes. It makes me feel all pious and smug inside.

  • Morning meditation, done.

  • Trite superfood smoothie with overpriced organic ingredients, in mah belly!

  • Yoga and chanting, totally there.

I live for this shit. It helps me undo the shocking red wine hangover and stale taste of dirty kebab from my mouth. Yep, life organic at it’s finest.

We all have to live in duality and find our own perfect balance in a chaotic and increasingly stressful world. I like to mitigate my stress with ‘healthy lifestyle practices’ that I’m often more than happy to undo.

I’m thankful that all the baby steps, positive intentions and stalks of kale have had a cumulative effect. I know that I’m better sober, I know that I’m better now than 6 years ago because I stopped doing drugs and I know that every step I take towards right action is bringing me closer and closer towards spirit and having a life that’s overflowing with good stuff.

It’s become a popular narrative within yogic communities and with spiritual teachers to have experienced this big, fu*k off revelation where God came through and channeled light, healing them off all addiction and suffering. I call bullshit.

Full time spirit chasing is a total pain in the sphincter. It takes work and there are no shortcuts allowed. You’re in a constant battle between wanting to enjoy the external world but craving the peace and freedom that spirituality – and sobriety – brings.

My advice to all the Cocaine Yogis in the house – do less.

Pick your poison but just have less. Then keep having less and less.

Keep meditating, keep coming back to centre and keep doing all the things that light you up inside. Keep bringing your smelly, toxic selves to Sunday yoga and just start all over again.