Wild One


Truth of the Day – 50% of me wants to be the type of girl who does yoga at night, drinks green tea, reads books, wears cute pyjamas, and stays at home; while the other 50% of me wants to wear my sexiest outfit and go out doing lines of cocaine on glass tables whilst dancing to the weekend’s music… yet i am neither of these girls. – Some random quote on instagram.

I wish I could pick one side. I’d love to dedicate my whole life to chasing spirit and wholesome living but it’s just not that appealing to me. Whilst I envy the babes who can cream themselves at the thought of Sunday morning yoga practice followed by a generous serve of kale juice – I’m just not inspired.

I creep the popular wellness blogs and corresponding instagram and facebook pages looking for tidbits of inspiration but I just end up annoyed because they don’t properly relate to my world or who I want to be.

Oh cool – there’s another photo of your salad, yum looks delish.

Great, yet another post of how much you love your life. Yay for you!

Amazing you go to bed at 10pm every night, you must be so well rested.

I want to get loose. I want to stay up all night dancing in cages and I want to misbehave. I’m just not ready to call it quits. For me to be the most authentic version of myself, I need to call it – I love my trashy, party girl persona. I don’t want to change but I do need to evolve.

So this new year I resolve to strike a clearer balance. Beyond the cheap champagne headaches, memory gaps and incriminating photos this new year offers all of us a clean slate, the possibility of a much-needed fresh start and an opportunity for greater balance.

For me to fully co-create the life that I want I can’t be hungover, exhausted and lackluster. I need my health, energy and vibrancy to pour into the things that I love and to give to the people who I love. So dance both sides, stay wild but love yourself enough to know when it time to stay home, create space and to enjoy some stillness.

Big change and full-blown metamorphosis only ever happens in small, incremental baby steps. My lifestyle practices need to be supportive and nurturing but they also need to fit with who I am and with what I want. Who knows, I may even start going to bed earlier…