Calming techniques for a stressful life


Arrh the illusive work-life balance – reasonable working hours, a comfortable salary, low stress, flexibility and a guiding sense of purpose.  You’re shiting me right? Work–life balance is a such precarious idea because it looks at your life in two opposing ratios that needs to be weighed up against each other. The very term implies that you have a work life and the rest of your life – that is arguably more important – and the two need to fight it out for equal proportions of time and energy in order for you to be happy.

Working in publishing was the hardest time in my professional career. I was slogging my guts out, pulling all-nighters and sleeping at my desk. There were times I wanted to jump out of the window, throw my computer of the balcony or smack someone on the head with a stapler.

I was outwardly successful but I felt as through I was crumbling inside.

I struggled with the idea of work-life balance as general self-care and wellness felt like such a luxury. There were times that my face hurt from fatigue. I had constant headaches and struggled to sleep.

Call me cray-cray but I want a meaningful life and an enjoyable career – both at the same time. One big chunk of your life shouldn’t just suck up all your creativity and life force.

Nowadays I much more prefer the idea of work-life blend or integration. I have one life; and all facets (family, friends, health, spirituality, work and education) need to work together in order for me to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Here are some work-life blend/integration tips from this former stressie. Promise I won’t smack you on the head with a stapler anytime soon.

  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier – sleeping is the single most underrated activity I can think off. It’s vital for mental clarity and set’s you up for a brighter day. Start going to bed 30 minutes earlier. You’ll feel like a new person when you wake up.

  • Praise the people around you – validate the good things that your team and the people around you do.  Positively affirm their character. It creates positive and supportive environment.

  • Take holidays and long weekends – the worst thing in the world is not to take a holiday during the year. It’s like hating life and yourself at the same time. Have a staycation and go the beach during summer. Sleep in and watch DVDs in the winter -but just take a break .

  • Stay healthy – don’t turn into a total sloth because of a deadline. Get some exercise, go to yoga, meditate and eat well.

  • Get off-line at night – smart phones will be the death of me. Checking emails at 2am is not cool. Turn off your phone and unplug your laptop.