Crazy Love


One of my Bestie’s is dating like a trooper. She’s on fire and is totally bringing her A-game to the table. This babe is smart, ambitious and puts out like a fire hydrant (the home videos prove it) but she’s feeling the pressure to settle down, date for marriage (not sport) and would prefer to be in a great relationship but hasn’t met the right person yet.

It doesn’t help that the numbers are completely against her. According to the newly released and somewhat depressing stats (McCrindle Group) there are 100,000 fewer men than woman in Australia, so we’re officially in man drought.

She’s playing a great game of bluff and credit to her, she knows what she wants and any sign of male retardation or poor behaviour and she quickly cuts her losses and moves on. But the pressure to act like a grown up, settle down and procreate is causing minor mental blow-outs and waves of anxiety.

I was a shit and insensitive friend when I told her she was being crazy and needed to get some perspective. I got on my soap box and went on about being fed this big, fat lie that you need to be in a relationship to be complete and happy…blah, blah, blah.

I totally believe in my own bullshit but it’s not cool to call your Bestie crazy when they’re just scared and emotional about their future.

I’ve worn the crazy badge for years. That’s because I’m high energy, impulsive and slightly unhinged. I can’t help that I’m crazy. It’s how I was made. My Mumma once told not to act too crazy when I first meet people because it’s off putting. Great advice Mumma-Mah, ‘cept I was almost 30 when you shared this important tidbit and I’d already been dumped – not once, but twice – for being ‘too crazy.’

It’s not ‘too crazy’ to want love, connection and happiness. I love feeling safe, secure and loved by another person. Maybe I just become too hardened by my horrific dating experiences that I didn’t believe in getting too emotionally invested with someone out of the fear of being hurt.

So I’m changing my tune and cheering on for more crazy love in the world. Try loving more, being more honest and more vulnerable. Love harder and be crazier.

Tanya MahComment