When shit things happen to good people

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One of my biggest gripes with new age spirituality and pop culture psychology is its complete disregard of the adversity that people face everyday. Shit things happen to really good people all the time. It sucks, I hate it and I wish it didn’t happen – but it does – and to ignore it or label it just another “story” is completely irresponsible and utterly delusional.

It’s wrong to just ignore the shadow parts of our soul or the darkness that exists in each of us and in the world. We live on a plane of duality or opposites; male/female, yin/yang, and light/dark.

Life, from a spiritual perspective, is where you start to recognize everything as an opportunity for growth, a lesson or a spiritual test. True mastery and transformation only occurs when we’re willing to do the work, to go inside and recognize all the bullshit and drama that exists and then to choose a new and more elegant response.

Our thoughts AND emotional reactions determine our reality – but both beauty and utter horror exists in the world. We need to start seeing every interaction, and event as an opportunity to show up. To choose love as opposed to fear and to practice tolerance and kindness instead of aggression.

The universe will only ever give you the lessons or experiences that you truly need and are ready for. In many cases you’re being taught humility whilst being pushed towards more growth.

Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is to teach you a spiritual lesson that you need to learn; there are no accidents or shortcuts. Some occurrences are set up by your Higher Self to test you and to see if you’re ready for the higher levels of initiation and ultimate responsibility. So start to welcome adversity and say bring it on.

You are not just another ‘story’ and your unique experiences (both good and bad) help make you unique and valuable. Don’t just ignore the drama or the challenges, as they’re here to serve you and to make you a fuller, shinier and better version of yourself.

Ultimately it’s not what you say or even your actions that count – its who you are on the inside and what you can offer from your heart that makes all the difference. Anyone can remain spiritual, loving and fart out pink love hearts when things are going well. But the true test of your Self-realization is if you can remain present, calm and self-aware when shit is really going down.