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When shit things happen to good people

One of my biggest gripes with new age spirituality and pop culture psychology is its complete disregard of the adversity that people face everyday. Shit things happen to really good people all the time. It sucks, I hate it and I wish it didn’t happen – but it does – and to ignore it or label it just another “story” is completely irresponsible and utterly delusional.

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A Guide to Self-Love

Self-love seems to be the hot, new buzzword making its way around the health and wellness spheres. It’s something I’ve really struggled to wrap my head around – and yeah I get it… I understand that it’s my responsibility to take care of my own needs and to nurture my own sense of peace, health and wellness so I have some happiness to share with others.

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The False Allure of the Yoga Selfie

The business of wellness – yoga in particular – is all kinds of cray-cray. Maybe I’m just a perpetual naysayer but I’m so bored of seeing a continuous stream of semi naked women instagraming photos of their toned ass’ana on a beach, at sunrise and in a bikini. Yawn.

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