10 Tips for Restoring Balance When Your Stressed AF


I’m so relieved that it’s Friday. I’m so grateful that this week is over and I can come out from the work and study rock that I’ve been hiding under. Being overwhelmed and busy in a common theme for most people – including myself – right now. We’re all working really hard; juggling our careers, health and relationships whilst pushing towards a goal of something better for ourselves and our future.

It’s great to have goals but all this hard work malarkey is really tiring. I guess the avalanche of being busy never really goes away you just need the skills and the lifestyle practices to better manage it.

10 tips for fighting the busy monster

  1. Find 15 minutes – I like to give myself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to stretch, breathe and meditate. It brings some zen into my everyday and stops me from rushing around like a mad woman.

  2. Step away from your moby – I pop my phone on flight mode when I go to sleep and I keep it there until I leave the house. I don’t want to see Facebook notifications and emails first thing in the morning

  3. Connect with people – get dressed, look hot and leave the house.  Spend time with the people that you love. Don’t isolate yourself by working late every night and spending your weekends in the office.  See your friends, call your mumma.

  4. Move yo ass – there is nothing worse that feeling fat and sluggish. Exercise makes you feel good and combats stress, so go to the gym and get to your yoga class.

  5. Clean the house, tidy your desk – a messy environment is just bad Feng Shui. It represents a cluttered and scattered mind. Sort it out immediately.

  6. Stop bitching and moaning – the sound of constant complaining is annoying and makes you feel worse. Focus on what is working, what you love and what you’re thankful for instead.

  7. Get grateful – Love, bless and appreciate the good stuff that’s in your life right now.

  8. Take your lunch break  – read a book, sit in a café or lay in the sun.

  9. Eat good food – whilst it’s tempting to drink wine every night and eat chocolate everyday it’ll just make you bloated and constipated. Load up of fresh juices, wholefoods and salads instead.

  10. Be kind to someone else – don’t be a jerk. Show another person some love and compassion. Karma is a two-way street so get giving.